Selma Malmberg

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Work in progress

The macroeconomic and redistributive effects of shielding consumers from rising energy prices: a real time evaluation of the French experiment with François Langot, Fabien Triper and Jean-Olivier Hairault, revise & resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy Macroeconomics

Presentations: SED 2023 (Cartagena, Colombia), T2M 2023 (Paris, France), EEA 2023 (Barcelona, Spain), Dynare conference 2023 (Valletta, Malta), DG Trésor-AFSE 2023 conference on public policy evaluation (Paris, France), AFSE 2023 (Paris, France).

Policy: Opinion column (The Conversation), Policy note.

[working paper]

Making environmental policies acceptable with François Langot, Fabien Triper and Jean-Olivier Hairault

Presentations: CEF 2023 (Nice, France), Banque de France conference on climate finance, risk and uncertainty modelling 2023 (Paris, France), AFSE 2023 (Paris, France), PSE Macro workshop (Paris, France).

Policy: Opinion column (Le Monde), Policy note.

[working paper]

Debt substainability and fiscal consolidation in HANK with François Langot, Jocelyn Maillard, Fabien Triper and Jean-Olivier Hairault

Policy: Opinion column (Le Monde), Policy note 1, Policy note 2.

Income tax fluctuations and uncertainty in France

Presentations: Czech National Bank conference on Heterogenous Agents in Macroeconomic Models (poster session; Prague, Czech Republic), PSE Macro workshop (Paris, France), IRA - GAINS & LMM seminar (Le Mans, France).

Solving and estimating a heterogeneous agent model with aggregate shocks

Presentations: GAINS seminar (Le Mans, France), CEPREMAP internal seminar.

Reccurrent crises with Vincent Labhard

Presentations: ECB DG-Economics, Supply Side, Labour and Surveillance (SSL) division meeting.